general information

Firebelly offers both beginner and advanced acting classes, scene study, monologue and audition workshops and private audition coaching sessions.  High school age and adult actors only.  Our teaching method creates confident performances and disciplined actors.

The majority of classes are held at Theatre on the Run. Please see the “Locations” section for specific directions and additional details.

Tools of the Trade, a Seminar for:

Directors  Props Artisans  Technical Directors  Actors**

This seminar is comprised of several components, each dealing with the selection and maintenance of theatrical weapons (and anything that could be used as a weapon), including:


  • Choosing props that are safe.
  • Avoiding injury to performers.
  • Avoiding liability for your theatre.
  • Which prop weapon companies are reliable?
  • Which companies should you avoid?
  • What you can expect to spend.
  • What does “Battle Ready” mean as opposed to “Stage Combat Worthy?”
  • Maintaining your prop weapons.
  • Bring your own weapons for evaluation and cleaning (time permitting).
In addition to the topics covered above, we will provide complete lists of reputable theatrical weapon makers and those who are…well…not so reputable.We will have plenty of hands on time with weapons from Lewis Shaw, Tom Fiocchi, Neal Massey, Starfire Swords, Baltimore Knife and Sword and many others.We will also have hands on time with weapons you should just avoid so that you can recognize them for yourself.
Hands on time will continue with methods of cleaning and restoring damaged weapons.


The Reston Community Players rehearsal hall ( 266 Sunset Park Drive , Herndon , Virginia 20170 )


Friday, March 2nd at 7pm. Seminar will last at least until 9:00pm. For those who wish, we will extend later.


COST:  $25

**(And anyone who has ever had to handle a knife, dagger, sword, spear, axe, mace, baseball bat, club, chain et. al. on stage or backstage)



regular classes

Acting Fundamentals, now accepting registration for winter session.

Cost: $150.00


Theater on the Run
3700 S Four Mile Run
Arlington, Va 22206


Scene and Monologue Study


Instructor: Kathi Gollwitzer

Location: Theatre on the Run

Price: $10.00 per class


Course Description: This class focuses on extensive scene and monologue work for audition situations. Specific scenarios include professional, community theatre, college and League auditions. Actors who only attend the 5 – 7 pm session, must have the instructor’s approval. Actors from the Fundamentals class will attend this session when they have scenes or monologues to be worked on.


Register: This class is on a “drop in” basis, as needed. Please send an e-mail to the instructor requesting date and time information.


Private Monologue Coaching


Instructor: Kathi Gollwitzer

Location: TBA

Price: $35.00 per hour


Course Description: Having aided in the preparation of successful auditions for both professional venues and for college admittance to such schools as Juilliard, DePaul, SUNY Purchase, NYU Tisch and Syracuse University, you will leave these sessions confident, balanced and well prepared.

Register: Please send an e-mail to the instructor to arrange the private session.